Virus Blocker
Create a safe breathing zone!
A multipurpose badge for combatting viruses and bacteria of all kinds. Its active component (chlorine dioxide) creates an antimicrobial barrier within the breathing zone of the user measuring approximately one cubic meter.
A safe and effective barrier against bacterias and viruses.
BLOCKER forms a "bubble of cleanliness" around the user,
killing viruses and bacteria within the breathing zone.

Why Use the Virus Blocker
Everyday virus and bacteria protection, when and where you need it .
It destroys pathogenic viruses and bacteria, changing the structure of their molecules.
Looks like a typical office badge. Easy to clip on clothing and bags.
Destroys practically all known pathogenic bacteria and viruses within a radius of 1 cubic meter.
Much more effective and aesthetically pleasing than masks.
How to Use the Virus Blocker
3 easy steps. Lasts 30 days.
Make a cut at the line
of the Package
Remove the Cartridge
The perforated cartridge (paper envelope) contains the active substance, which must be removed from its hermetically sealed packaging.
Place it in the Badge
Place the cartridge into the badge!
Clip Badge near Breathing Zone
Badge can be attached to clothing, bags, or furniture. Avoid direct contact against the skin. Place within half a meter of your Breathing Zone.
Кто должен использовать Блокатор Вируса
Защитите тех кого Вы любите!
На работе
Пожилые людм
Люди с ослабленной имунной системой
Кто должен использовать Блокатор Вируса
Защитите тех кого Вы любите!
На работе
Пожилые люди
Люди с ослабленной имунной системой
"Amid mass outbreaks of infections and viruses, consumers need protective products, but there is a shortage of blockers available on the market. That's why our product is particularly safe and effective right now"
Alexander Vinogradov
Head of the Biochemical Cluster, ITMO University
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Virus Blocker
Can be used by both adults and children over 5 years old. The blocker disinfects the air surrounding the user, creating a barrier or antimicrobial breathing zone. The perforated cartridge is specially formulated to emit a safe amount of the product's active substance, chlorine dioxide. The time release design allows for effective use up to 30 days after activation, at which time the cartridge should be replaced.

Price includes:
- cartridge containing active substance
- badge and clip

Wholesale Orders only!

Where to use the Virus Blocker
Creates a safe and effective barrier when sitting or standing in the same place for longer periods of time (5 minutes or more)
Uber, Taxi or Public Transport
Health Care or Education
Offices and Factories
Restaurants or Events
Где использовать Блокатор Вируса
Общественный транспорт и такси
Образовательные и лечебные учреждения
Офисы и фабрики
Кафе, рестораны и мероприятия
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Based on Years of Scientific Research
Developed by scientists at the International Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies (SCAMT)
Center based on research conducted at St. Petersburg's ITMO University

- 60 % effective immediately
- 95+% effective after 30 minutes

    "Laboratory testing of the blocker has shown a 90–97% reduction in the infectious activity of viruses within the Breathing Area"
    Pasteur National Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology.
    V. Zarubaev PhD (Biology), Supervisor
    Licenses, Certificates and Test Results
    A study of antiviral activity of the "Blocker" (English)
    Certificate of conformity
    Certificate of state registration (Russian)