Virus Blocker
A multipurpose product for combatting viruses and bacteria of all kinds. Its active component (chlorine dioxide) creates an antimicrobial environment within the breathing zone of the user measuring approximately one cubic meter.
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Effective and safe preventative tool.
BLOCKER forms a "bubble of cleanliness" around the user,
killing viruses and bacteria within their breathing zone

Make a cut at the top
of the package
Remove the sachet
The sachet (paper envelope) contains the active substance, which must be removed from its hermetically sealed packaging
Place it in the badge
(badge with clip included in pack)
Clip badge to clothing
Badge can be attached to clothing or bags, or to furniture. Avoid rubbing against the skin
«Amid mass outbreaks of infections and viruses, consumers need protective products, but there is a shortage of blockers available on the market. That's why our product is particularly relevant right now»
Alexander Vinogradov
Head of the Biochemical Cluster, ITMO University
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Based on scientific research
Developed by scientists at the International Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies (SCAMT) Center based on research conducted at St. Petersburg's ITMO University, the virus and bacteria blocker is as effective as the Japanese products Air Doctor and Nanoclo2.
«Laboratory testing of the blocker has shown a 90–97% reduction in the infectious activity of viruses»
Pasteur National Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. See report.
V. Zarubaev PhD (Biology), Supervisor
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